ORGANIC NATURE OF PEARL ORYZA RICE Pearl Oryza rice has brought a revolution in the Indian rice consumption market. For an Indian, especially South Indian, thinking of lunch or dinner without rice is almost unimaginable. But due to high health concerns, doctors now ask us to stay away from rice as much as possible. But not until Pearl Oryza rice with its semi polished variety was launched in the market did people get to know that rice can be healthy too. Now even doctors are recommending Pearl Oryza Rice because of the numerous health advantages it comes with. Pearl Oryza rice is also recommended by dieticians and nutritionist due to its organic nature. It cannot be called completely organic; however, it is made sure that Pearl Oryza rice is cultivated in a way which uses the least of chemicals. The organization has created a chain of a network of farmers, who cultivate Pearl Oryza rice. These farmers are specially trained before they are assigned cultivations, and the process by which Pearl Oryza rice is cultivated is quite different from normal rice cultivation. During the growing stages of the paddy plants, there is complete abstention from the use of pesticides and fungicides. Farmers stick to the organic way while cultivating rice for Pearl Oryza. Organic manure and compost is used for the fertilization process of the crops; hence, in the end, the rice is not only free from the effects of harmful chemicals, but it also suits the palate of a habituated rice eater. The entire process of cultivation of Pearl Oryza rice is done manually by farmers, starting from sowing, to reaping, to harvesting, and it is made sure that the minimum use of pesticides is made during the later stages. The keeping away of any sort of machinery in the cultivation process makes it a lengthy one, but the end product is ensured of best quality. Close to brown rice, Pearl Oryza rice is made from Kurnool Paddy. This is the best variety of paddy available in India, nutritious in nature due to its high protein content. Pearl Oryza rice is not complete brown rice, but semi polished, and hence it holds all the goodness that comes along with whole grains. It is composed of complex carbohydrates, and it is also low in fat, thereby making it the part of a perfect healthy diet. Pearl Oryza rice looks somewhat in between brown and white rice, as most Indians do not prefer to have brown rice. So at the end of the day, we have branded rice, which is tasty, healthy and nutritious. It is not complete brown rice, but has all the goodness that brown rice does; it is not completely organic, but has the least possible chemical content in it. And if you are located at Hyderabad, you do not even have to take the pains of carrying the rice all the way from store to home. All you need to do is dial 8099 30 8099, and Pearl Oryza will bring the rice to your doorstep.

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